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Our artisan distillers hand make the wash from local molasses and filtered spring water. It is then double batch distilled in our pot stills. Before the premium spirit is aged in oak casks we bottle a very limited quantity as silver cane to enjoy in cocktails and mixer drinks. 

Hints of molasses, hay shed, burnt toffee, dark honey, and sweet roasted peanuts. Soft, sweet and creamy, then building to a luscious peak of spicy/peppery delights. Complex and layered, this spirit sings with the clean sweetness of careful slow copper-pot distillation. Long, sweet and comforting with hints of Szechuan pepper and caramelised figs. 

Outstandingly complex stuff for making premium mojitos, pina coladas and mixer drinks that call for unaged rum. 




Alc.Vol               | 40.3%

Size                    | 700ml

Country              | Handmade and bottled in Byron Bay, Australia from local ingredients.

Standard Drinks | 22

Closure               | Cork