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Our artisan distillers hand make the wash from local molasses and filtered spring water. It is then double batch distilled in our pot stills to make our silver cane spirit.  We then marry the silver cane with lightly toasted coconut flesh. 

This drink delivers a rich and nutty burst of coconut that is perfectly balanced by the clean double distilled clean flavours of the Silver Cane spirit. Incredible velvety mouthfeel with a satisfyingly long finish. Close your eyes and you are on a tropical beach.  

Enjoy as a mixer drink with your favourite (ginger beer, ginger ale or fresh pineapple juice), ice and a wedge of lime.  

We have a recipe outlining the use of our Kokomo in our famous Koko Mojito here!


Alc.Vol               | 37%

Size                    | 500ml

Standard Drinks | 15

Closure               | Cork