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Our Pure Single Rum is hand made in small batches from local molasses and spring water from our farm before being double distilled in our alembic copper pot stills.  It is matured for 3 years in ex-bourbon casks.    

Nose:  gentle vanillin and butterscotch tones married together with a corn mash and subtle citrus finish.

Palate:  Faint spice with honey and vanilla up front, followed by a gentle confectionary sugar midplate leading off to bourbon corn and green vegetal finish.

Sip it neat, on ice, in a mixer or as your very own premium cocktail creation. 


Alc.Vol               | 40%

Size                    | 700ml

Country              |  Handmade and bottled in Byron Bay, Australia from local ingredients.

Standard Drinks | 24

Closure               | Cork