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We are one of a small, passionate group of artisan distillers from around the globe dedicated to reintroducing real Rum to the world.  

We are the first Australian Rum distillery to release Pure Single Rum under the internationally recognised Gargano classification system. Our artisan distillers hand make our own ferment from local molasses and filtered spring water, prior to it being double batch distilled in pot stills. We mature our premium Rums in quality oak casks, not vats, in the region where the cane was grown. All this takes time and costs more, but we believe this is the only way Rum should be made. 

This rum is at least three years old. You can order either our refired red wine cask or our bourbon cask finish. Bottled at cask strength as a numbered release. This is an exceptional sipping Rum. 

Our refired red wine cask delivers beautiful caramel, chocolate, liquorice, and raisin flavours perfectly complimenting the cleanliness of the double distilled spirit whereas our bourbon cask finish is about the purity and cleanliness of the spirit, showcased with those incredible vanilla notes that only a bourbon cask can deliver. 

You will taste the difference. This is the Spirit of Byron.  


Alc.Vol              | Always above 50%.